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We are using cookie files to help you in using our services. If you do not want the cookie files to be saved onto your computer, change the settings of your browser. Read more …

What are cookie files?

Cookies are small files, saved and stored in your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit various sites in the Internet. A cookie usually contains the address of the website visited, the “longevity” (meaning the duration) of the cookie and a unique randomly generated number used to identify the browser you have used to connect to the website.

Cookies policy

Access to the content of a website is connected to the use of so-called cookie files – information saved by servers in the end-user device, accessible to the servers upon every subsequent connection from that end-user device. It can also use other technologies of functionalities similar or identical to the cookies. In this document, information related to the cookie files can also be applied to other similar technologies applied in our Internet servers. Cookie files are considered to be digital data, more particularly in the form of text files stored in the end user device of a web service client. Cookies usually contain the name of the web service domain of origin, time of storage in the end-user device and a unique ID number.

Cookie files are used for:

Adapting the content of web service sites to the preferences of the user and optimizing usage of Internet sites; more particularly these files allow identification of the web service user device and to display a website content adapter to the client’s individual needs,

Creating statistics to help understanding usage of Internet sites by web service users, to allow improvement of their structure and content,

Upkeeping user sessions (after login), so the user is not forced to input the login and password when moving to particular tabs (sub-pages) of an Internet service,

Providing users with advertising content more adapted to their interests.

The following types of cookie files can be used:

"Necessary" cookie files allowing access to the services provided by the website, i.e. authorization cookies used by services requiring authentication,

Cookies ensuring security of the service connection, i.e. used to detect abuse in authentication procedures,

Cookies allowing gathering information on website content usage,

"Functional" cookies allowing „remembering” of the settings selected by the user and further personalization of the user interface (i.e. language or region, font size, website layout, etc.),

"Advertising" cookies, allowing delivery of customized advertising content, tailored to the user’s individual interests.

In many cases, the software used for viewing internet content (Internet browser) is set by default to allow storage of the cookie files in the end user device. Users of the service may change the cookie policy settings at any time. Those settings can be particularly modified to block automatic handling of the cookie files in the browser settings or to notify every attempt to save cookies to the end user device. Failing to modify those settings means that the cookies will be stored in the end user device and that information will be stored in the end user device and accessed by the servers.

Blocking of cookies may cause difficulties in using some of the services provided by our internet service, more particularly in the areas requiring login identification. Blocking of the cookies does not result in restricted view/read access to the content displayed by the internet service, with exception of the areas requiring login identification.

Cookies can be saved in the end user device and then used by the advertisers, market research contractors and suppliers of multimedia applications collaborating with the service.


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